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Are we awake or just in a different dream ?

david icke- alex jones-max keiser – artist  taxi driver

all in the conspiracy business- i call it the alternative media industry

..they give you good information about the problems but no real solutions,they all ask for your money in one way or another

Maybe they dont want solutions as they are all making money from the problem.They all met at the 2013 Bilderberg protest-yet max keiser who promotes bitcoin has peter thiel of the bildeberg steering committee financing his bitpay operation.when you ask him ,icke jones or taxi driver about it on twitter they ignore you.i asked one of maxes colleagues about it and was told max didnt know that peter thiel is a bildeberger.So a financial guru doesnt know his partner is a Bilderberger but I do ?

please read this link and work it out for yourself

so now I started thinking there something wrong,why are they protesting outside the Bilderberg meeting and yet max keisers  co investor is on the Bilderberg steering commitee-can Max be trusted? and the rest of them as they are all connected?

Then i started thinking,is bitcoin the planned cashless society New World Order currency with the QR code tatooed as “mark of the beast-none shall trade without it” and Max is a pied piper to lead you into it,after a while i thought no im being paranoid .then i read this about bitcoin atm cash machine trials in Canada using your palm print as ID

If this happen its not freedom,think about it-cashless society using RFID chip or palm print technology?




For those who are not happy with the system

The system is controlled by corporations & banks

Some ways to fight the corporations

Stop buying from them!

Stop buying from Supermarkets

Use Small traders  & Street markets

Use Wholesale food markets

Grow your own food

Join Food Growing Co Ops

Join Food Buying Co Ops (form a group and buy bulk -save money)

Some good sources are on this first link page (UK)

How to set up a Food Growing Co Op

directory of food wholesalers UK

You can avoid paying the government corporation BBC TV license by not having a TV
Sell your TV ,cancel your license-buy a PC monitor ,mini PC, wireless keyboard-and use the internet .Stream movies and sports for free-watch mainstream TV on you tube and other channels after they are uploaded.

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