Are we awake or just in a different dream ?

david icke- alex jones-max keiser – artist  taxi driver

all in the conspiracy business- i call it the alternative media industry

..they give you good information about the problems but no real solutions,they all ask for your money in one way or another

Maybe they dont want solutions as they are all making money from the problem.They all met at the 2013 Bilderberg protest-yet max keiser who promotes bitcoin has peter thiel of the bildeberg steering committee financing his bitpay operation.when you ask him ,icke jones or taxi driver about it on twitter they ignore you.i asked one of maxes colleagues about it and was told max didnt know that peter thiel is a bildeberger.So a financial guru doesnt know his partner is a Bilderberger but I do ?

please read this link and work it out for yourself

so now I started thinking there something wrong,why are they protesting outside the Bilderberg meeting and yet max keisers  co investor is on the Bilderberg steering commitee-can Max be trusted? and the rest of them as they are all connected?

Then i started thinking,is bitcoin the planned cashless society New World Order currency with the QR code tatooed as “mark of the beast-none shall trade without it” and Max is a pied piper to lead you into it,after a while i thought no im being paranoid .then i read this about bitcoin atm cash machine trials in Canada using your palm print as ID

If this happen its not freedom,think about it-cashless society using RFID chip or palm print technology?



  1. Another suggestion- buy second hand goods rather than new ones! I buy a lot of stuff from charity shops and although this is not quite “bartering” its as close as it could get in today’s communities.

    I think you’re quite right to treat any public figures, including those put forward by the Establishment as ‘token anarchists’, with suspicion. Others, and those possibly more true to their causes, are simply not given any publicity by the media at all.

    During times of economic and therefore, often, social unrest, the System will always try to give the public the impression of fairness and democracy by allowing such figures, as those you mention, to be in the limelight. (I am fairly certain Keiser was not the inventor of the bitcoin, as is now stipulated). However, in this case I think generally these public figures, as opposed to our political leaders, have done more good than harm, despite any personal advantages they might have gained out of it.

  2. I only know I am right because I met a dead man…Dr Mengele scion of Monarch programming my researching related topic for previous 6 weeks and he investigating a tall poppy in a subject no one gets into the main media.
    I swear as close to 3 days /5 days of theCondor as you could dare wish, Not BBC fault, national interests mean we HAVE to prevail with it at ANY cost. And proud nails like me are valued because they have broken a seal and are more interesting left alive to see what they do next. 2 can play at that game, but, er, young lady this subject ring-fenced from the mainstream media..(its biggest slave/buddy to broadcast its motifs and subliminals), although abundant on the web with escapees like me, can be toxic. You need to know it though, or you will ascribe any fault to some patsy or shill or
    sap or acquired fool or genius, neither able to parry the blow unless a phreak like myself who saw it coming in 2002 met Mengele working for MP I know who died officially in 1979 (shill see my site) but didnt know it then, I did check as he was in the history of MP….but Wikepedia had no photo relevant to a 2002 sighting. then, forgot all about it although my first rule..publish I achieved. Nuthin happened until I placed the man I met AS Mengele from a 1977 photo I searched better for. Since then as I have sent 3 emails like this every day and joined the intel community at an annual fest I have been fighting the scheme that would acquire me, but wants to find out what made me get as far as I did….even fingering Villa Almarin Mougins…pleae google that….and making all sorts of assumprions, presumptions and leaps of lateral thinking their computers (read Will Filer + NSA + Psyops) want to emulate ad anticipate and control. Trust me, I have got the night sweats for 4 years bluffing out subliminal takeover threatened to keep me performing with yet more audacious research wins. I do not know you. I chose you from a random twitter response withoput you understanding anything.
    If you know what I know maybe you can stay safe and warm and dry in a world that might eliminate comfort and emotion, depending on how far you see the BBC and the intel community in a positive light, believing the best, the truth, the hype, or fearing takeover and dissinmilation of Human Rights as useless mouths are eliminated first the alzheimers, then well, I have not studied all that stuff. Leave me to try to fix Mengele’s contribution and get any kind of
    corroboration whilst Old Etonian Historians still say on video to my fce Mengele died in 1979. I hate liars, even if they are under the control of others, because if they are they probably think that’s all right then, a bit like joining the Masons.?


    Excellent Article !

  4. Good article, i also see Keiser pushing the Bitcoin which is essentially in my opinion a single digital currency for the New World Order. Cash is unwanted by the elites.

    • yes-cashless society is a revolution that will only benefit the NWO

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