I was wary of bitcoin being the NWO cashless society method.Then i noticed it went from $50 to $200 in a few weeks.So I thought it might be worth investing in.All of a sudden it went to $400 then by the time I worked out how to get some it was $500.3 days later its around $750.fantastic,but someone told me its best to take my wallet offline and encrypt it,so I dont get robbed.So now Im struggling with the technicalities,so how are they going to entice the masses to get involved if its so complicated?

Answer is something like this:

“Great news-we have simplified bitcoin so everyone can use it-just go to your police station let them fingerprint you and your Id will be on a database so you can use bitcoin anywhere easily  with no security worries”

Voila -Touche -cashless society.

So what I got nothing to hide you say….then they start taxing you directly from your account and theres nothing you can do -no where to run no place to hide-the mark of the beast is your palm prints none shall trade without it

Is it possible the rulers will be able to access the bitcoin system to do that-I dont know.

I do know that they could implement a system where you can only use certain authorised traders ,and they could also drain your account if you were ill in hospital .

I think we must not let them coerce us into a cashless society,we can use bitcoin but lets be on guard!

Bitcoin rate is now 830 USD from 500 USD 3 days ago!


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