Its all a Load of Bilderbergers

Politics-its all a load of Bilderbergers-or even Bilderballs

Balls argues with Osborne about the economy
but they were both Bilderberg attendees
along with mandelson,dame shirley williams and a host of corporate leaders.

i think politics is is all a scam and the politicians are in what i call soap box opera.that is playing a role in a show designed to keep the population fooled into thinking there are different choices when we vote, when its really all pre- planned and the politicians dont make the decisions.

According to this source
The national debt is owed to bond holders  -banks .insurance companies and foreign investors.

Look again at the list of attendees at Bilderberg 2013

Insurance companies,banks,foreign investors?


-Balls went to Harvard on a Kennedy Foundation Scolarship where he was mentored by Larry Summers (CFR Bilderberg Trilateral Commission and FED) ,he was at Bilderberg in 2001 and was an economic adviser to the Treasury when he recommended Bank of England Independence,and deregulation of banks.

and his brother Andrew Balls is a big player in the Bond markets by coincidence.

he made 4.5 million bonus with pimco trading bonds-& ed balls was selling government treasury bonds-small world.

In the same period as Balls -Summers as US Treasury Secretary deregulated US banks-then the Banks crashed due to unregulated speculation.

Then the banks were bailed out with tax payers money.

David Miliband also went to a US University (MIT) on a Kennedy Scolarship-which are given to selected students ,then became a New Labour policy advisor,& foreign secretary.When he lost the leadership election he went to US as head of International Rescue working with Madeleine Albright-Soros is also involved.He is also on David Rockefellers Trilateral Commission with Mandelson & Lord Brittan also being members.

It would appear that US bankers have trained and installed these 2 in the Labour Party so they have control of both sides

All sides are controlled by the same power-banks and corporations.

Chatham House RIIA members :





banks media corporations politicians universities all working together

if you go to chatham house youtube channel

you can watch the conferences and keep an eye on whats in store-its all about globalisation and the world order,they are striving for a one world government with exploitation of workers in a global race to the bottom

david rockefeller is the visible spider at the centr of the web as he is

sole member of the bilderberg advisory group,

CFR -Americas Society honorary chairman,Council of Amricas founder and Founder of the Trilateral Commission ,Rockefeller freely admits in his book memoirs he is looking to create  a world government.

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