Chinese Take Away

I call it the Great Chinese Takeaway
They take away our jobs and now our homes
Heres how,and why I think it all be preplanned by the bankers and powers that be.
I think the chinese manufacturing boom may have been financed and planned by western corporations and bankers in order to reduce production costs for big companies,and this source says that china has debt from borrowing using the “shadow banking system” .

I think whats happening is that now the western debt fuelled economic system has in effect collapsed,the bankers are now sucking in China to keep the bubble going longer
Now the wealth is being transferred to china,those who benefit from it are spending money on western branded designer products,partly to do with exchange rates,as well as wanting status symbols.Also they are buying and renting property in London.I speak to Chinese business people in London who give me information.Chinese law means they cannot buy a home in China and leave it to their children it goes to the state when they die.So they are looking to invest in London.Also there are many Chinese students in London who are renting accomodation at inflated prices.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson & Prime Minister Cameron recently visited China on a trade mission,and they were welcoming Chinese students and investors with open arms.

In London there used to a lot of affordable social housing on big council estates.Over time with the right to buy scheme a lot of tenants bought these at low prices,but mostly sold back at a profit.For example one person i know bought a 1 bedroom apartment in goswell road EC1,it used to be a run down area, a bit of a wasteland between west end and the city of london.Now its a desirable area,like many previously poor working class patches of London its been reinvented , my friend used to rent at around £80 per week then under the scheme he paid £30,000 for his apartment,and sold it for £300,000 a few years later,now its worth approx £600,000.The rental is now around £650 per week for a similar property , this housing bubble is obviously not good for social housing tenants long term.
Mayor of London Boris Johnson has plans to raise affordable housing rents to 80% of the market rate link
He says its for new housing-but we can see where this is going.
Also Boris is trying to shut down London police stations and fire stations ,these are mostly in prime locations these can be redeveloped to sell to chinese investors in order to make big profits.
So we have a housing shortage,displacement of the London working classes and reduction in vital police and fire services,all part of the global race to the bottom,and you still get working class mugs voting for Boris because hes got nice hair and tells stupid jokes.
We have immigrant workers living 3 to a room,Indians living in sheds ,soon only the rich will be able to afford to live in London..
So to sum up,i think the western boom economy was basically a housing and credit bubble and now its burst the bankers have drawn China with its hundreds of millions of people into the ponzi scheme to keep it going.

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