Immigrants Benefits and Blame

Those of you working and struggling to get by -I can understand it makes you angry when you see TV programmes and newspaper articles about lazy welfare scroungers and immigrants,this is propaganda to direct your anger away from the real causes of your inadequate wages.
Its all been planned deliberately by the corporations and bankers since the 1970s
In the 1970s workers standard of living was relatively high-due to unions forcing higher wages and cheap council housing
This is no good for investors and bankers.
Margaret Thatcher came to power and started to change this-influenced by Friedmans Monetarist economic policy and advised by Rothschilds investment bankers.
Monetarism says that a certain level of unemployment is needed -with full employment workers demand higher wages which pushes prices up and leads to high inflation.This also suits the capitalists agenda to keep wages down and increase their profits.
So over time we had privatization of industries that had employed many-leading to job losses,relocation of manufacturing to China funded by banks and private investors,and selling off the cheap council houses,followed by mass immigration ,this led to a perfect supply and demand situation for employers (over supply) and landlords rentiers property developers(over demand)

Now the powers that be who created the situation and profit from it  use the media to point the finger at unemployed and immigrants who are merely pawns in the game.


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