UKRAINE & RUSSIA- BRZEZINSKI and other dots to join

UKraine had regime change supported by the US and EU ,after the president declined to join the EU .Putin annexed Crimea,and has since become “the new hitler who must be stopped”
There is another side to this story.
Putin did not want NATO taking over his Crimea Naval base,he knows US want control of the region and to eventually replace him with a more compliant regime that will allow foreign investors back into Russia to “redevelop” the country-ie control all the resources.
After break up of Soviet Union foreign investors got involved in buying up some parts of the resources at rock bottom prices and made big profits ,then Putin taxed them and forced the investors out, this is why they want him replaced.


afghanistan 1979

Obamas foreign policy advisor Trilateral Commission ,CFR Member &  President Carters  US Foreign Policy Advisor  ZIBNIEW BRZEZINSKI  talks to Mujahideen






the  video he suggests plan to suck Russia into the EU via Ukraine

Putin Gas and Oil


sources say Putin nationalized Russian gas and mineral businesses and took the shares off foreign investors including soros kissinger rothschilds etc

I read an article from London evening standard (24 april 2014)

“Tribute for a man whos been a thorn in Putins side

To Kensington Place for the 50th birthday party of Bill Browder who ran Russias giant investment fund Hermitage Capital..Lord Lamont paid tribute to him under the approving eye of Lord Howell father in law of George Osborne….”

the article says Browder campaigned for justice for his former tax accountant who died in Russian prison…

basically Browder had connections in Russia,saw the assets on sale were hugely undervalued,and persuaded big investors to get involved.He says they tried to expose corruption  in Russia so were forced out and his Lawyer Magnitsky was imprisoned and tortured to death,he has since being campaigning to shame Putin .

a few internet searches find conflicting versions-some alleging that Hermitage Capital was a Rothschilds investment fund used to usurp and take over the Russian gas industry which was then stopped by Putin.

Jacob Rothschild-

Mikhail Khodorkovsky, creating the Open Russian Foundation and putting Henry Kissinger and Lord Jacob Rothschild on the board of directors. He was clearly eyeing political power by making close ties with the West, even being named to the Advisory Board of the Carlyle Group, all of which made him a potential threat to the Kremlin.

(Lamont is also involved with the Carlyle Group)

The Khodorovsky affair was a complex battle for power in Russia with Khodorkovsky playing the Western powers against the strongly nationalistic Putin.

He offered his shares in Yukos to Lord Rothschild

(heres the text of the article from BBC news website )


Russian tycoon ‘names successor’
Yukos headquarters

Yukos is braced for more raids

Russian oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky has named Jacob Rothschild as a possible successor to take over his Yukos oil company if he goes to prison on fraud charges, according to reports.The Rothschilds have financed oil exploration in Russia since the Tsarist period, while Lord Rothschild has close connections with Yukos.

Police raided Yukos offices in Moscow on Friday, spending nearly 17 hours searching through computer archives, the Russian financial daily Kommersant quoted a top Yukos official as saying.

In this situation, we cannot rule out new searches, including at head office. Nothing can stop these people
Dmitry Gololobov, Yukos

Mr Khodorkovsky, who has been in the United States at a conference attended by Microsoft founder Bill Gates, is reported to be preparing for the worst ahead of his return, scheduled for Tuesday.

First in line to replace him is the group’s chief financier, Platon Lebedev, who is already in jail after he was arrested at the beginning of the month and charged with defrauding a state company.

Next in line would be Yury Golubev, who is standing in for Mr Lebedev as head of the Menatep group, which owns 61% of Yukos.

If all the top Yukos managers were unable to carry out the role, Lord Rothschild would take over, the company official told Kommersant on condition of anonymity.

Financing politics

Dmitry Gololobov, deputy head of the Yukos’ legal department has told journalists he could not “rule out new searches, including at head office,” adding that “nothing can stop these people”.

The authorities are investigating tax evasion at Yukos and rival firm Sibneft, which are due to merge to create the world’s fourth-ranked producer.

Mr Khodorkovsky, who has a personal fortune estimated at $8bn has been targeted by prosecutors in what is seen as a politically-driven campaign by Kremlin figures.

The tycoon has been financing opposition parties ahead of December parliamentary elections, in a move analysts say breaks a 2000 agreement between President Vladimir Putin and the nation’s billionaire magnates for them to keep out of politics.

It appears possible that the situation in Ukraine could be being instigated by various factors other than  Russian expansionism?

Have foreign interests instigated the regime change in Ukraine and now looking to destabilise Russia by drawing them into a conflict like they did years ago in Afghanistan?
Or are they using the MH17 incident as an excuse for sanctions to weaken Putin


2 CFR articles about
khodorkovsky other oligarchs and putin making them pay taxes rather than drain all the wealth out of Russia

Lamont was on the advisory board of hermitage capital

McCain is now calling for action against Russia







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