Black Wednesday -Conspiracy or Coincidence?

is it coincidence theory or conspiracy theory?
black wednesday 1992

UK taxpayers lost billions as john majors government tried to prop up sterling
in the ERM exchange rate mechanism- britain lost billions buying sterling even though experts say they could have made profit by buying foreign currency instead

prime minister john major
chancellor norman lamont
advisor david cameron
financier george soros made a fortune betting against the pound & broke the bank of england

norman lamont worked for rothschilds
david cameron went to eton with nat rothschild
rothschilds financed george soros quantum fund
rothschilds are now in business with soros
eddie george bank of england governer at the time later got a place with nm rothschild

soros invested in the Carlyle Group-John Major was made European Chairman of the Carlyle Group
john major is now chair of the advisory committee at chatham house Royal Institute Of International Affairs “independent” policy think tank

george soros’ open foundations is one of the funders of chatham house.

links and sources
(Jacob Rothschilds RIT Capital & Quantum Strategic Partners Ltd (QSP) is a private investment vehicle managed by Soros Fund Management LLC.)
go down to page 42

rothschilds invested in  soros quantam group of funds in 1969


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