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Is austerity to reduce income and consumption as part of agenda 21 -sustainable development? This recent report from the World Economic Forum suggests saving earths resources by restricting incomes in developed countries rather than population control in poor countries.



China Development Bank International Advisory Company
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International Advisory Council
In order to broaden its international vision and quicken its progress toward becoming a bank universally recognised as operating at first-class levels according to internationally accepted performance criteria, CDB set up its International Advisory Council in 1999. Our International Advisory Council (the “Council”) consists of distinguished members from political, financial and academic circles around the world. The Council meets in the fall of each year to review CDB’s performance and provide strategic guidance to bank management.

The Council met for the eighth time in Beijing between 5th and 7th of September 2006. The Council members and invited guests focused their discussion of the following three topics:

International economic landscape;
The economic landscape in China; and
Development-oriented finance and international cooperation
The invaluable insights and recommendations provided by the council members and guests have been well received by our management. To the Bank, the guidance from the Council has become an inseparable part of our corporate governance.

memmers of the china development bank international advisory committee

members of the china development bank international advisory committee

Front row from left

Tadao Chino Former Governor of Asian Development Bank, Former Vice-Minister for International Affairs of the Ministry of Finance, Japan, and Senior Advisor of Nomura Research Institute
Zhou Xiaochuan Governor of the People’s Bank of China
Paul Keating Former Prime Minister, Australia
Zeng Peiyan Vice Premier of the People’s Republic of China
Chen Yuan Governor of China Development Bank
Jacques de Larosiere Former Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, Former Chairman of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Former Governor of Bank of France and Senior Adviser of BNP Paribas
Cai Esheng Vice Chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission
Sir Edward George Former Governor of Bank of England

Second row from left

Zhao Jianping Assistant Governor of China Development Bank
Ng Kee Choe Chairman of Singapore Power Ltd. and Former Senior Advisor of Development Bank of Singapore
Jacob A. Frenkel Vice Chairman, American International Group
Hans W. Reich Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors, KfW, Germany
Maurice R Greenberg Chairman of the Starr Foundation and CEO
Crockett President of JP Morgan International
Tasuku Takagaki Senior Advisor of the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, Japan
Lawrence J. Lau President of the Chinese University of Hong Kong
Han Yongwen Secretary General of the National Development and Reform Commission


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rockefeller kissinger new world order china

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I have so been hoping that someone would “show my math” for me, because I really hate doing all the follow-up research to prove what my own intuition has been screaming at me for years. This East vs. West power play is a charade. It’s a predictable, highly scripted game of good cop, bad cop that most people — even those who should certainly know better — are gobbling up like rib-eye steaks or Tofutti ice cream with carob chips, depending on which cop they believe is good or bad.

News flash: it’s a movie. If there weren’t copyright restrictions and strong language, I would post “The Usual Suspects” on my blog and beg people to watch it. Please: if you think BRICS or “hero Putin” will swoop in and save our collective butts from the big, bad, NWO banksters, then please review “The Usual Suspects.” Especially the ending.


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from 1950
John D. Rockefeller has made an unrestricted gift of $1,000,000 to M.I.T.’s current development drive, Tech officials announced Saturday.

In a letter to M.I.T. president James R. Killian, Jr., Rockefeller said he was donating the money “without any restrictions … to aid in buttressing M.I.T.’s financial independence.”

Last June, Rockefeller donated $5,000,000 to the Business School with the stipulation that the University raise a sum equal to his by July 1, this year.

from 2014 : MIT Report debunks conspiracy theories.

Putin has Meeting with IMF Head Christine Lagarde

November 10, 2014, 19:00 Beijing

Vladimir Putin had a meeting with Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund Christine Lagarde. The discussion addressed options for further cooperation between Russia and the IMF, the situation in the global economy and the actions of the Central Bank to support the Russian national currency.


Cold War 2 and World War 3 is cancelled -because they are all on the same side-its all a show.

masonic handshake?

masonic handshake?


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