Katie Hopkins is Weak

Someone told me Katie Hopkins was crying on Celebrity Big Brother,people were being nice to her-so she went to the Diary Room ,broke down,said something like I dont want people being nice to me as it means I have a weakness-and I hate weak people.
This tells me-she is hiding her inner weakness,with a body armour of aggression nastiness & bullying those she sees as weak,to overcompensate for her own fear.Much like schoolkids act tough as a self defence mechanism -attack as the first form of defence-so the bullies leave them alone.Its quite sad ,maybe if she got some therapy she could get in touch with her inner true self and be a nicer person and happier.Even sadder is the fact that the evil powers that be-use her for their vicious propaganda mass mind control-so that people who thrive on hatred are encouraged to justify these attitudes and be able to say -“its only what everyones thinking”
They want us to blame the NHS crisis on too many fat people and national debt on benefit scroungers-so constant media articles and TV mockumentaries about fat people and benefit scroungers-with Katie Hopkins in the middle of it stirring up the propaganda so the public agree with the story.
Now I think this same theory applies to many of these right wing so called tough talking no nonsense tell em how it is types-they are weak cowards who act tough on easy targets to hide their own vulnerability.An example is Cameron saying tough choices have to be made-when he takes the easy decision of cutting beenfits for disabled people who cant fight back-and defending the super rich who have power to hurt him if he doesnt do their bidding.Deep down they are scared and cowardly.Real tough guys are gentleman and protect the weak and vulnerable ,only picking fights with other tough guys,they want a challenge,not easy pickings.
The irony is the show shes on now is called “Big Brother”

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