Ed Goldman Balls

Ed Balls went to Harvard
where he was mentored by Larry Summers ( goldman sachs,bilderberg,CFR,US treasury secretary ,group of 30 ,trilateral commission)
Summers was heavily involved in worldwide deregulation of the financial markets which led to the crash in which goldman sachs made billions
ed balls was economic advisor to uk chancellor gordon brown when uk banks were deregulated
goldman sachs offloaded toxic assets onto RBS who got bailed out by taxpayers via gordon brown,they have since “lost” the money
ed balls still attends bilderberg as shadow chancellor and meets his economic guru quite often to plan future economic policy

heres lots of links with detailed info about larry summers & connections to ed balls



Larry Summers and the Subversion of Economics
http://shar.es/1acyq0 via @chronicle




Same Old New Labour – “Beyond the Third Way” or a stealthy MK2? by @stevetopple

This week in Washington, the Center for American Progress held a seminar, launching a “major new report, aimed at establishing sustainable and inclusive prosperity over the long-term in developed economies”. The Inclusive Prosperity Commission (IPC) – a transatlantic board convened by the centre – promises to table “innovative policy ideas” that will “spur middle-class growth”.

The IPC board is headed up by Lawrence Summers (Secretary to the Treasury under Bill Clinton), Steve Rattner (who manages Michael Bloomberg’s investments), Lord Sainsbury, and Judith Rodin (who works for The Rockefeller Foundation). What’s that smell? Oh yes, big business.

Also involved is a certain Ed Balls (Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer). Balls and Summers have been working on this report for 18 months as joint Chairs of the commission, and also developing the Labour Party’s economic (and in some respects ideological) policy for 2015, using the same mantra as the IPC.


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