Robots Wifi Gulags & The Internet of Me

Its Looking like the Matrix is not too far away.
With robot workers-driverless cars,combined with wearable tech & the internet of things,or internet of me,and smart cities -some amazing advances in tech are in the making right now-but the danger is the powers that be abuse the powers that give themselves.
Due to terror threats they want to have access to all data,so if we are all connected to the internet of things ,with a cashless society using contactless payment,biometrics ,RFID chip implants or wearables ,we are at their mercy.
Read the links to see whats planned -many being discussed at the World Economic Forum in Davos now in Jan 2015
including,wearable tech that monitors your moods,rythms ,activity, breathing -can be set to give you an electric shock ! also one that encourages you to excercise by deducting money from your account if you dont move for a certain length of time…imagine the possibilities for “helping the unemployed back to work”
Since 2015 UK election the buzzword has been “productivity” ie work harder-many reports suggest trials of RFID chip implants and wearable monitors have increased productivity in the workplace

Read this and check the links in the text


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